Let Go Of Fear & Anxiety

A Free Masterclass on How to Overcome Anxiety and Make Fear as a Friend


13 june 8 PM CEST / 11 am PT

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What you NEED to know to release Yourself for GOOD!

Leave Your Fears Behind Once and For All!

Did you know that over 40 million people in the US alone suffer from anxiety and other fear-related disorders?

Did you know that 85 percent of the things we worry about never actually happen?? 

Why then do we let FEAR rule our lives?


Anxiety disorder is based around the assumption that all irrational and unmanageable instances of FEAR are real. The perceived threats of unprocessed fear and overwhelming urge to retreat entirely from any potential dangers is an unfortunate reality for many people.

If you or someone you love suffers from anxiety or is ready to address unprocessed fears, I urge you to join me for this free Masterclass on 13 June at 8 pm CEST / 9 am PDT.


During this experience, I will talk you through the realities of what is required to sort through debilitating fears and anxieties, to allow you to finally let go of them and achieve your aspirations unhindered by anxiety!

Meet Jana Antoni, A Certified Neuroencoding Specialist and
Brain Trainer

My name is Jana and I’m Mind-transformational Coach, Neuroencoding specialist and licensed Brain Trainer formed by the greatest Joseph McClendon III and Dr. Daniel Amen. I am motivated to make a positive impact in the world by helping people heal and redefine their true identity and create FREEDOM. Freedom in their mind to create a happy and outstanding life. I believe that everybody deserve greatness, and it's my honor to help you realize your potential so you can achieve everything you desire and more. I help break your old patterns that no longer serve you and transform your limiting beliefs that stops you from getting what you want, to have a happier, healthier and wealthier life with more energy and joy; to find the power within you, to pursue your goals with joy, to unleash your potential you have to offer to this world. My ultimate purpose is to inspire people to create all together a better place to live in LOVE and RESPECT. Let yourself be inspired by the magic of LOVE and HEALING. 

Take The Steps To Fight Your Fear and Find Serenity

Learn how to acknowledge fear, instead of ignoring it!


Too many people are guilty of ignoring difficult emotions instead of processing them. This means that a build-up of unprocessed emotion causes imbalances and uneasiness in both the body and mind.


We’ll talk about how fear looks different to everyone, and how to recognize yours for what it is and how it’s affecting you. 


By realizing that your anxiety and fears CAN be overcome, you will begin to clarify your vision for living and achieving more. By defining the reality of your fear, you can take the upper hand and begin to fight back once and for all.


Assess your emotional intelligence and improve your ability to discern and acknowledge feelings for what they are. 


This Facebook Class is for those who want to improve confidence and self-esteem, want to be released from the grips of anxiety, and anyone needing help to identify the root causes of fears.

Together, we’ll explore relevant facts about fear and anxiety, learn more about YOUR personal fears and analyzing your personal relationship to them - what triggers you, why it is this way and how can you change it. You begin to slowly but surely take back the reigns of control over your life which fear may be dictating.

Are you ready to take back control? If the answer is yes, then register here.

Take The Steps To Fight Your Fear and Find Serenity

I am motivated to help people let go of their fears because I firmly believe that everyone DESERVES to live a life free of fear and anxiety! 


I have experienced first-hand the damage that these tendencies can have on overall happiness and quality of life, and it is my goal to help those suffering from debilitating fears and anxiety to obtain fulfillment and success.


Achieving goals and aspirations becomes possible as soon as you let go of the fears surrounding them. Believing yourself to be capable and deserving of moving past anxiety is a difficult step to take alone- so I’m here to help this process go as smoothly as possible!


You deserve to live a life without fear. You deserve to experience how it feels not to be ANXIOUS about everyday things, and you deserve to feel it NOW!

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Stefania, Villen

...Transformation of our fears and limiting beliefs into the realization of unlimited possibilities. Following one of Jana's workshop, I experienced a "reset" of my mind...

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Camille, Caudron

...If someone wishes to free himself from his limiting beliefs, to work on this subject in depth and to let go of his emotions, I would advise him to come and see you...


Jonny, Pardoe

Jana is outstanding to work with. Genuine woman who really cares about getting the best out of you. ...

I Look Forward to Sharing More with You 

13 june 8 PM CEST / 11 am PT